1Boat Hire Cost and Availability?
The boat is generally in the water from mid-March to October but may be available outside those dates. (please contact me to discuss your requirements).
2What do I need to bring?
Please bring all of your holiday paperwork with you. All bedding, towels, cooking utensils and crockery are provided. Rubber soled shoes, matches and a torch will come in useful. You should also bring First Aid items / kits. You will then also need food and drink, cleaning materials.
3What are the pick up and return times?
The boat is available from 1500 on day of arrival and must be returned by 10:00 on day of departure.
4Do I need experience to have a holiday on a boat?
You don’t need a licence to drive a cruiser and no experience is necessary. When you arrive you will be given a full demonstration of all equipment on the cruiser and a trial run to ensure you are happy driving and mooring the boat. If you have any queries our experienced team will make sure they are answered. You will also be given a manual providing useful information, instructions on operating your cruiser and reminders of safe navigation.
5Can I fish on my holiday?
Leitrim is famous for its fishing which can be undertaken free of charge without the need for a fishing licence. ( See fishing section for more details.
6Do we get Buoyancy Aids?
Buoyancy aids are available on board the boat and their use will be demonstrated on your arrival.
7What washing facilities are available on the boats?
The boat has hot running water, a shower and toilet.
8Do I need to bring bed linen or towel?
Towels and tea towels are provided as are sleeping bags with freshly laundered silk liners . You have the choice of double or single bags.
9Do I need to bring my own cots and highchairs?
Cots and high chairs are not provided and if you need to use them this must be declared in advance to ensure they can be accommodated on board.
10Can we bring pets?
Sorry, no pets are allowed on board.
11Is there a fridge on my cruiser?
Yes but please note these are smaller than your fridge at home and is not designed to store frozen food. The fridge has three way operation which means it can operate from gas, the 12 volt boat supply or from the 240 volt shore supply. Using the 12 volt supply when the engine is not running will quickly drain the batteries so the use of either of the other systems is essential. How to change between power sources will be demonstrated when you board the boat.
12Is there heating on my cruiser?
Yes – there is an onboard hot air heating system.
13How far can I travel in a day?
There is a general speed limit of 5 knots when travelling along the rivers and canals so your average speed is going to be less than this. You should work out your itinerary in advance to ensure you have a comfortable mooring for the night. Advice on this will be provided when you come on board.
14How much diesel will I use?
The boats use 5 litres of diesel per hour.